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Olson was the very first warm up shelter the North Mountain Riders had built. I am not  sure of the year it was built. There have been many a visitors here......including porcupines and a bear in the  summer.


The porcupines really aquired a taste for the OSB and the bear, well he sampled the window sills and rummaged around a bit and left.  It was time for a face lift so here are some pictures of the paint job.  We can only get there when the ground is frozen so we went in the early spring, was a great day to start with and ended up snowing, must be Manitoba!

The most time consuming and hardest of the work is keeping the trails open and brushed after ice storms and natural disaters.   Here are a few pictures of what the club has had to clean up on this one trail to get to the Olson Warm up.  If you have never seen it like this after a snow or ice storm, and seen the amount of trees that have to get cut - moved and cleaned up off the trail you would not even believe it.

This is only one trail, and one time, we have 453 km to take care of.


We decided to move the Olson warm up down to the junction of 550 and 553 so it is more accessabile to work on in the summer.  Here it is headed to its new location in the pines.




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