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Here is a link for the Snoman MB. site.  

Snoman MB. have their own web site to show all the clubs and trails for the province of Manitoba.  Follow this link to be able to see in real time the status of all trails and current conditions.


           Please use this link for current trail information:  


This interactive trail map shows all snowmobile trails in Manitoba. On the map legend, you will find this map shows services available along the trails, any hazards, and distances of each trail.


*NEW FEATURE* Riders are now able to plan out their trip using the "Plan your Trip" tool. Choose the location you wish to start and end, and see your route come up.


Hope to see you soon!!


Check the snoman link for offical trail updates done weekly


      Our club maintains, to Snoman Manitoba standards, 453 km trails. These trails are groomed, signed, and mapped. We have some of the most scenic trails in the province, and something for every rider to enjoy! The trails range from field and rail bed to dense brush and huge timber. We have scenic lookouts to see the valley (Swan Valley & north).


    Our trails are set up in a series of loops so you can go one way and return another with little or no back tracking. All areas have emergency warm up shelters. We have 8 in total on our trail system. All are "furnished" with a wood stove, firewood and seating area. One of the best parts of the ride is the pit stops and snacks along the way. This gives you a chance to stop for a visit, discuss scenery of the day and have a snack. It just does not get any better than that.

    Another added bonus is that the town, Swan River is sled friendly, the hotels and motels are trail side, restaurants and fuel stations are also trail side for your convenience. It's a sledders paradise!! SO...see you on the trails!!

Trail passes are manadatory !

Please help support the snowmobile clubs and purchase a trail pass, it's for a good cause.
Yearly passes are $150.00 and purchased at your local MPI agencey​

7 day passes are also available for $75.50

All passes are for both Manitoba and Sask. ride and tour both provences with one pass! Take a trip, see some new trails.

Fines are over $400.00 

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